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The basketball game

Which player should I put out on the court to turn the game around? Understanding the idea of dispersion, based on data with the same average, and how this can help us to make decisions.

Recipients: From 2nd ESO to 4th ESO. Recommended for 3rd ESO.


2-3 class sessions (50-55 minutes per session).


  • Data interpretation.
  • Data dispersion analysis.

Didactic content:

  • Data collection and organisation. 
  • Descriptive statistic centralisation parameters (average) and graph interpretation (point diagram, line diagram).
  • Dispersion parameters (range, absolute average deviation, variance, and standard deviation).
  • Using Google spreadsheet.

Key skills (Spanish Law LOMLOE):

  • Skills in science, technology, engineering, and maths (STEM).
  • Digital skills. (DS).
  • Personal, social, and learning-to-learn skill. (PSLTLS).

Methodology: Working in pairs. Collective work. Analysis activity.

Resources needed: Chromebooks. Google spreadsheet. Projector or interactive monitor. 

Relationship with other subjects: IT. Social Sciences. Economy. Physical Education.