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Salary Structure Municipal Statistics

Exploring and analysing the salary structure in Navarre based on different factors (gender, nationality, disability, economic sector, age), breaking the data down by municipalities. Investigating the salary structure in Pamplona/Iruña and their neighbourhoods. 

Recipients: 1st Bachillerato.


2 class sessions (50-55 minutes per session). Exploration and analysis phase.

  • Activity 1 and 2 (1 session). 
  • Activity 3 (1 session).

At least 2 class sessions (50-55 minutes per session). Research phase.

  • Activity 4 (at least 2 sessions, more depending on how in-depth).


  • Analysis and interpretation of data based on comparing averages for different groups determined by qualitative variables. 
  • Finding and obtaining information associated with a real statistical operation from daily life.

Didactic content:

  • Design of statistical studies. 
  • Locating and organising data. 
  • Comparison of averages. 
  • Obtaining and comparing percentages (wage gap).
  • Cartograms, bar diagrams (simple and compared).
  • Studying the association or relationship between pairs of variables.

Key skills (Spanish Law LOMLOE):

  • Skills in science, technology, engineering, and maths (STEM).
  • Digital skills. (DS).
  • Personal, social, and learning-to-learn skill. (PSLTLS).

Methodology: Pair or group work. Collective work. Analysis activity.

Resources needed: Chromebooks. Google spreadsheet. Projector or interactive monitor. 

Relationship with other subjects: IT. Social Sciences. Economy.