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Nastat. R+D and productivity

Resources to conduct the activity

Exploring and analysing R+D investment in Navarre and seeing its influence on productivity at companies.

Recipients: 4th ESO (also 1st Bachillerato).


3-4 class sessions (50-55 minutes per session). Exploration and analysis phase.

  • Activity 1 and 2 (1 session). 
  • Activity 3 (1 session).
  • Activity 4 (1 session).

At least 2 class sessions (50-55 minutes per session). Research phase.
Activity 4 (at least 2 sessions, more depending on how in depth).


  • Data analysis and interpretation based on comparing indices and their relationship. 
  • Finding and obtaining information associated with a real statistical operation from daily life.

Didactic content:

  • Design of statistical studies. 
  • Locating and organising data. 
  • Comparing indices. 
  • Obtaining and comparing statistical parameters.
  • Dispersion diagrams and comparing graphs.
  • Studying the association or relationship between pairs of variables.

Key skills (Spanish Law LOMLOE):

  • Skills in science, technology, engineering, and maths (STEM).
  • Digital skills. (DS).
  • Personal, social and learning-to-learn skill. (PSLTLS).

Methodology: Pair or group work. Collective work. Analysis activity.

Resources needed: Chromebooks. Google spreadsheet. Projector or interactive monitor. 

Relationship with other subjects: IT. Social Sciences. Economy.